Trisha Lim

Frontend Engineer ✨

Trisha Lim

Hey, I'm Trisha! 👋

I'm a Frontend Engineer specializing in React + Next.js + TypeScript with 5+ years experience building single page applications. I'm dedicated to delivering great user experiences by working closely with designers, and writing good quality code to maintain a good developer experience.

I've worked on large B2B apps and content-managed websites for clients in the US, New Zealand and Australia. I'm a seasoned remote worker capable of working across timezones with teams of diverse backgrounds.

I also publish articles about tech and life. I recently wrote about CSS in Web3 and learning React Context. If you're interested in working with me, you can send me an email.

📍 Koh Samui, Thailand.


Apolinar is an award-winning digital team in New Zealand. We create content-managed websites for clients in various sectors like healthcare, education, NGO and tech.

I work on these sites, implementing pixel-perfect designs across multiple devices and browsers, while providing a good user experience for content editors on the backend in Contentful.

ReactNext.jsContentful CMSAngularSCSSLESSTypeScriptBootstrapAlgoliaRedux

Corebridge is a management tool for printing businesses. It's a large complex web app that calculates orders based on a number of costs like labor, machine, materials, etc. I worked on the frontend side using Angular with a team of 30+ devs and led tasking of user stories.


Apr 2017 - Mar 2019

I worked on a single page app for logistics quote management. I designed and developed a drag and drop form builder which allowed for users to resize and format various elements in the form.

AngularUI/UX DesignJavaScriptTypeScriptSpringJava

I developed UI for printers using C++ in a Linux environment.


I underwent trainings on React and SQL, then developed a web app using said technologies.




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